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Have you ever imagined helping to catch thieves and being rewarded at the same time ?
INTERNET EYES can make it become reality. This innovative security monitoring technology created in UK is now arriving in Brazil. Get to know it!!.

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Internet Eyes enable you as Internet user to watch live cameras from shops in order to warn shop owners about crimes in real time.

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Internet Eyes will pay to viewers with the greatest PRECISION score a monthly reward in cash. This reward may vary in each month.


The great advantage of Internet Eyes is to keep the ANONYMITY on both sides: you as a viewer can send alerts to the shoppers but your identity will never be disclosed.

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Internet Eyes also supports mobile devices. Fight crime from your smartphone

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Internet Eyes Business.
Internet Eyes offers an efficient online monitoring solution to detect thefts and suspicious activity, avoiding crimes inside shops.

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In 2012, survey with 23 major US retailers with 18,900 stores and over US$596 billion of sales apprehended over 1.1 million shoplifters and dishonest employees in 2012. Only 4% of total retail theft is ever recovered. US$14 billion LOST !!!

One of the major challenges that shop owners from all over the world have is to minimize losses from thefts that happen in their shops. Besides decreasing shop owners sales, these losses are passed on to the customers by increasing the prices of the products. Thefts also causes other problems both to shop owners and to their customers.

What is Internet Eyes?

INTERNET EYES … AN ONLINE MONITORING SYSTEM that enables that registered members (Viewers) to watch live cameras from shops and private sites so they can notify the owners about incidents in the same time they happen.

The major advantage of Internet Eyes is to keep the ANONYMITY on both sides: Viewers can have access to the online live cameras and send alerts to the shoppers but they will never know where the images are coming from. Thus, shop owners can also have privacy and confidentiality.

Once an incident, as a theft happens, a Viewer sends an alert message to the store in a completely safe and anonymous way, protecting viewer’s identity. INTERNET EYES system is responsible to mediate all the monitoring process between viewers and shoppers without giving information of any of them.


At the time of INTERNET EYES installation at the store, we carefully select which cameras are going to be monitored online in our system. Images can’t show store or street details that can identify it, for security reasons. Besides that, INTERNET EYES works with an association algorithm camera-viewer that protects shoppers: viewers must reside at least 50km from the shoppers address, ensuring shop’s privacy.

INTERNET EYES system also ensures your customers privacy by reducing images definitions, what makes difficult to recognize anyone face in the videos. On the other hand, the system keeps video quality through a high frames per second rate (minimum of 10 fps, depending on the internet upload speed), ensuring that an incident as a theft, larceny or vandalism could be easily identified by our members.

+ Advantages

With INTERNET EYES, your shop is monitored all the time by hundreds of viewers all around the world. If a theft or vandalism happens, you receive a cellphone text message at the same second and an e-mail with a 60 seconds vídeo of the incident. Thus, you can identify the criminal and take appropriate actions at the same instant.

It’s a real-time monitoring system, so INTERNET EYES guarantees to avoid thieves at the same time as they happen. In addition, every time a thief is caught stealing, he will never come back to rob you again because he’ll know our system is very efficient. INTERNET EYES will quickly reduce your losses with thieves and vandalism improving the efficiency and security of your business for you and your clients.

+ Testimonials

Users testimony

Since 2009, INTERNET EYES has already distributed more than US$100.000 dollars in prizes to our members, besides contributing for reducing crimes in stores. Read some testmonials of our valuable members:

”I’m very happy that Internet Eyes is back, working again! I missed it. After all, it makes part of my life for almost 3 years. Of course, i’ve missed the money too because i’ve made as much as US$500 in a month. I can hardly believe that I’m watching the câmeras again. You are like a family to me, always honest and fair in your business with viewers. Kisses, Barbara.”

”I’m very happy with Internet Eyes. I watch the câmeras since October 2010 and i’ve alredy gained more than US$5.000 dollars. Money is a great bonus but catch a thief does not have price. I hope brazilians have the same success to catch criminals. From an45ba.”

See how it works.

Our system was projected to avoid crimes that unfortunately are part of Brazilian reality. Every year in Brazil, supermarkets have losses of R$1,5 billions reais with thefts, according to research conducted by Versátil Strategic Communication.

It’s a British model service which allows that public and private stores can be monitored up to 24 hours a day by common people.



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With INTERNET EYES service, we receive pictures of CCTV cameras live from shops and we send these videos to viewers randomly and anonymously.

What is it?

INTERNET EYES is a monitoring online system which allows registered members to watch live cameras from commercial and private stores to notify them about crimes as they occur.

Our system was projected to avoid crimes that unfortunately make part of brazilian reality.

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